Why Choose sound mind senior adult day care?


Our Service

 One of the things that would stand any adult day care out is the ability to offer top notch services. This is why at Sound Mind will provide a adult day care services that is healthy and safe. We will not cut cost or minimize the care given to those we serve. As a result, we have spent considerable resources researching and learning how we can better serve our population in Virginia. 

Our Services include the Following:

  • Taking care of the Senior Citizens.
  • Assist in teaching Seniors how to provide for themselves and not be ashamed to ask for help.

Our Vision Statement

Sound Mind endeavors to serve and equip seniors to possess a sound mind. 

Our Mission Statement

To teach Seniors how to possess a sound mind and practice healthy living habits.

Our Business Structure

All businesses ought to run on a structure so that they can effectively carryout their mission statement. Big establishments know that one of the greatest selling points is to have the best hands. As such; we plan to only hire the most competent and seasoned employees. This is particularly important since it is uttermost on our minds to run our adult day care center with an  intercontinental approach. This means that we are looking to have all races enroll in our establishment. 

Our Origin

Sound Mind began as a ministry of The Way of the Lord Fellowship in 2004 and evolved into the vision of serving the most important sector of our community. Seniors are our Elders who possess wisdom, knowledge and the keys to living a abundant life. We have watched our Elders be poorly served and cared for causing worry, stress, and distress in their minds of their family. Thus, Sound Mind was spawned to be an alternative to emotional stress, fatigue and worry of families in undeserving communities.