The Way 4Life Family Services Programs

TW4LFS is an organization with the sole purpose of serving the community in a loving, affirming, and respectful capacity in the form of an After School Program.  We seek to employ an Executive Director, Program Director, and support staff.

Programs & Activities


BMHER/Lit Chicks Read Literacy Project

This program in partnership with The Richmond Public Library, Black Male Emergent  Readers Literacy Program (BMER) and Lit Chicks Read is a game-changer for inner city school teens, especially boys, in Richmond, VA.  With the library acting as a catalyst, The Way4Life Family Services, Inc will make a difference in the lives of Title One elementary school children by encouraging them to read.  Utilizing the BMER or Lit Chicks Read kits are designed for a group of ten to twelve students containing empowering books and activities that develop reading, writing, and critical thinking skills in these content areas: art, careers, civics, dance, history, horticulture, music, poetry, science and technology, sports, theater, tradition and culture. The objectives for BMER students are:  Communication, Literacy, Self-Esteem, and Creating a Positive Network/Community through reading empowering texts. Using Book kits, mentors, teachers, parents, and community leaders will lead book, essay, and multi-media discussions to challenge youth to read, observe, and express their interests  in social justice and community through  writing, speaking, and artistic expression.  Kits circulate for nine weeks.  


The In-School Elementary Literacy Project

This program is designed to assist Title One  Elementary Schools to improve  reading scores. The Literacy Mentor volunteers at a Title One school in a classroom for one hour, each week and allows the students to read to them. In return, the mentor ask the students questions about the book being read. Each mentor must complete a background check, volunteer application and list a school where they desire to be a mentor. 


The Community Book Drive

The Way 4Life Family Services, Inc desires to provide every Title One School 1,000 books to give to every student each summer. Jimmy Kim suggests in Summer Reading and the ethnic that children who have access to books over the summer show an improve proficiency.  Furthermore, children who reported easy access to books also read more books and improved their reading proficiency. Our desire is to put a dent in the summer reading gap by providing books for underachieving reading students. In his article Windows and Mirrors, Chad Everett highlights the importance of diverse books and its impact on ethnic children. Everett cites Bishop (2009), "highlights the importance of providing students access to mirror texts: “when children cannot find themselves reflected in the books they read, or when the images they see are distorted, negative, or laughable, they learn a powerful lesson about how they are devalued in the society of which they are a part.” In addition he writes, the text serves as a window for children who had only experienced reflections of themselves in books, never experiencing the power of a window text. Books are sometimes the only place where readers may meet people who are not like themselves, who offer alternative worldviews (Tschida, Ryan, & Ticknor, 2014). 

Fundraisers will be conducted quarterly  for the purpose of generating revenue.  Fundraisers will include, but are not limited to:


•  Book Drives

• Selling of Children Inspired Merchandise  

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