Our Purpose

To Promote Workforce Development and Skills


Resume creation, interview technique, career skills identification and how to handle workplace challenges.

To Promote Family Development


To promote the spiritual, emotional, intellectual, and physical development of the family and enhance their affinity for social and cultural aesthetics.


To Promote Community Etiquette and Development


Education of child support enforcement, legal system, children visitation, and provide a place where fathers and mothers can have visitation with their children in a safe environment. 

To Promote an Appreciation of Self


Promotion of self via individual and multiple group counseling/therapy sessions each week.  As well as Individual and family therapy, individualized treatment plan, drug and alcohol education and counseling, forgiveness and servant leadership training, anger management sessions, and sexual education classes for youth and young adults.

To Promote Positive Perceptual Changes


With regard to youth and their communities by utilizing various forms of their subculture.

To Promote Economic Empowerment


By advocating youth and young adult entrepreneurial endeavors, financial management, and job/career assessments.