The mission of The Way 4Life Family Services, Inc. is to equip families to live life in love. We endeavor to teach, serve and affirm families and encourage them to model love, forgiveness, communication, and understanding in their condition of existence.  Our goal is to provide our families with practical life skills and resources that can be implemented into their family unit, while encouraging them to become communally involved in the health and safety of their community.  Our intent is that families will implement learned solutions to improve their quality of life. The Way 4Life Family Services, Inc. espouses love, communication, forgiveness, understanding, and positive decision-making within families: as means to transform their lives. 

Our Purpose

To Promote Love as an Action


We promote love to be active in our programmatic  approach, the families we serve and services we offer.

To Promote Communication/Literacy Enhancement


Conflict resolution, removing communication barriers, improved reading, emotional control and understanding in family development.

To Promote Love, Respect, and Protection of Life


The Ke'miyah Project was created to acknowledge the perseverance of Ke'miyah and highlight the need to end gun violence in lower income communities. We desire to love, respect, and protect the lives of those families living in trauma.

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We are committed to equipping families to live harmoniously through healthy love, communication, forgiveness, and understanding.  Click below to see how we accomplish this and more.   

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